Miles Island Portrait Image

Miles Island is an alternative pop music project from Minneapolis songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jim Bjorklun. It also evokes the solitary winters and hazy summers of Minnesota.

The story begins years earlier, when Jim was living on a lake and playing in various bands. He started feeling the need to create music as well, and gradually collected a string of song ideas and lyrics.

Jim then set up in a glitchy mid-1990s recording studio, and began to experiment. But after some initial efforts, he perceived the need to start again. Instead of just climbing a tree, this music should also reach for certain branches.

So with a handful of guiding principles, and a growing knack for mixing and producing, Jim dug in again with a new sense of purpose.

When the dust finally settled, there were 13 finished tracks. The result is a mix of alternative rock and dance music, as refracted through the lens of psychedelic pop.

Ten of these songs became the debut album “Right As Rain”, which was released June 21, 2019. It’s a highly personal record, reflecting the peaks and valleys of a precarious time.

On June 26, 2020, two more songs from this initial batch were polished and released as the standalone single “Who Are You?”.


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