Miles Island Portrait ImageMiles Island makes 'psychedelic basement pop' music evoking the solitary winters and hazy summers of Minnesota.

It’s headed by Jim Bjorklun, who picked up guitar in college and has followed that path ever since. While playing in a handful of bands, he began feeling a strong impulse to create music as well.

After setting up in a glitchy mid-1990s recording studio, Jim eventually released a solo album in 2010. However, he gradually decided to try once again. In addition to self-expression, this music should reach for certain ideals too ...

With a handful of guiding principles in mind, Jim hunkered down in the same studio. Though now he had a wider selection of instruments and a better understanding of mixing & producing.

When the dust finally settled, there were 13 completed tracks. The result is a mix of alternative rock and dance music, as refracted through the lens of psychedelic pop.

Ten of these songs became the debut album, which was released June 21, 2019. It’s also a roughly personal record, reflecting the peaks and valleys of a malleable time.


Booking / Inquiries: info@milesisland.net